"I am very grateful to have had Miranda and Krystal as our doulas for my first pregnancy. They were supportive and responsive in preparation for the birth, and provided calm and confident support during my labor. Especially when things did not go according to plan, I was grateful to have them there to talk through my options and make decisions about medications and interventions. They supported me in my decisions and were reassuring and encouraging. After my daughter was born, they followed up via text prior to our in-person visit to see how we were doing in our first days at home. During their home visit, they helped us try different techniques and strategies for breastfeeding and soothing. Throughout our time with them, they have been consistently knowledgeable and incredibly generous with their time. I strongly recommend these two lovely women to anyone looking for support during their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum!" 


"The postpartum and night support that Miranda and Krystal provided my family made my early days of new momhood a complete joy. Knowing my daughter was in their safe, capable, loving care allowed my husband and I to actually sleep soundly at night, which in turn meant during the day we had the energy to enjoy every moment with our new daughter. What I think really sets Miranda and Krystal apart is their enthusiasm and curiosity for babies, birth and their clients. They really made my family feel like we were their primary focus and jumped at any questions or hurdles we had along the way. The early days of being a parent can be isolating and having Miranda & Krystal show up each night was such a comfort. It was basically like  having a good friend there for you each night to talk about your day and this crazy new adventure and then help make your life easier and better. I am so lucky to have met them and had them there for this big beautiful life transition."


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